Monday, February 25, 2013

Scayr Aftr the Oscarz

Musashi Sez:

So us “not so flush” folks watchd them Oscar awards on our—well, OK, Kaylee’z Smartphon—(cuz 500 hunnerd yeerz frum now, it turn out that ther ar no DumPhonz left). Harrumph. But that turn out yoosful to ME cuz it showd mai faithful crew that I wuz one of them moovrz an shaykrz who weyr tuxedos around ALL THE TIM!!! It jus the wae I wuz mayd. Huh.

Meenwhile, we are waytin on baited breft (cuz, yeah we ayt our dinnr an it was toonr, bif surpryz) fer Mr. Tygr’z next radio-cast to com throo.

An Mr. Tygr is taykin Grayt Chansiz, as we noe, cuz he cud gets his front pawz chain-linked together lik the polees does, and then whut is he gonna do, cuz he don’t have no back pawz to speek of, bein a puppet person lik he is.

So we waits, breathin hards, till we heers the ~~Crackul, Crackul~~

Mr. Tygr Sez:

Marc Anthony: Over!

~~Crackul, Crackul~~Big Dog, heer, over!

Marc Athony: Opened the door! But the Target almos caugtid me! I am in hidin, while the Targit thingks he left his sayf door open, Over!

Big Dog: Do you wants egstractshun?

Marc Anthony: Giv me one more dae. I is in hidin an I thingks I has the sayf’s double code cracked. Over.

Big Dog: Yu has discreshun. If yu needs the rescue, send the code. Over.

Marc Anthony: Roger. Over.

Big Dog: Are you currentlee sayf?

Marc Anthony: I am hidin in a file box, an yu noe that NOBODDEE luk insid thoz! An I am throwin out mai Mental Projection Units (MPUs), full force! Yu betcha!

Musashi Sez: MPUs, o deer. I noe jus egzaktlee how thos tend to translayt ovr the Wide Band (WB) from Low Earth Orbitg (LEO). It turn into this bad disco moovie about Wubleo, the Dansin Man. We trai nevr to goes ther laytlee, and that feller wift the dansin moovs, whu is freqwentlee in that Quentin feller's films? We tries hard to ignore him. Huh.

So, deer internashunul audience, yu kin see how our operativ needs yer help, donations, or at the verree leest, kind thogts?

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