Friday, March 1, 2013

Pullin a Tygr Out of a Submareen, Not as Eezee as Yu Thingk

Musashi Sez:

So we had not heard from Mistr Tygr in a coupla daes, an we were getting worried. It not like he is a perfessional spai or anything. If he has been hidin in the file cabinets, he is pertee worried too. So we wer getting reddee to execute a extraction, pullin him out of that fansee submareen. But then we gottid a radio signal from Mr. Tygr.

Mr. Tygr Sez: Hey, Big Dog, Over!

Me: This is Big Dog. Over.

Him: I’ve got the stuffs. Request extraction. Over.

Me: Oh boy! OK, yu gots it! What yer coordinates?

Him: OK, that are more diffrcult to egsplayn. It got to do wift how Global Pozishuning Stuffs change when yu are underwater. All them tides an rippulz an stuffs. So it hard to sae.

Me: OK, I will get that al-go-rhythm thing working. An then we will pull yu outs.

Him: I gots it! Pull me out! Pull me out! Theez peeples is straynge!!!

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PJS said...

Easier than pulling an octopus out of a submarine, I'll bet.