Saturday, February 16, 2013

Followin the Trail

Musashi Sez:

We has casted off so we cud swim in the deep oshun, following the trail of that nastee Captin Nemo fellr, whu stol the naymin rigts fer the Blizzard which shud hav ben naymed after ME, Musashi (Captin of the Firefly class ship, the Spontaneity). Mai mishun, cuz I am verree mishun-orientid, is to chays down that Nemo fellr’s ship, the Nautilus, get mai operativ Mr. Tygr on bord secretly so he kin find out where Nemo keeps thos naymin rigts, steel them bak and bring them to us heer on the Spontaneity.

The onlee problem is that we not noe where Nemo went or what track he took through the oshun. Where is he likely to go? What sort of safe haven wud he look fer? Somewhere in Indyer? Someplace unner the ice cap (or whut’s left of it)?

So we started out by sailin unner the sea lookin fer the Nemo gy in whut you migt call a linear way. Then I hads a Brayn Storm. It occurred to me that if we went into Low Earth Orbit, we cud look down into the oshun an maybe eevn yooz GPS (Global Pozitioning Stuff) to find Nemo. We looked down in the oshun from WAYYY up above the sea and we had our Bobbinaytor an our IST (Impressiv Sensor Thingy) look fer any of that ther nookleayshun-typ energee. We finded 7 US Navy submareenz an also a alien ship wift a 23rd centuree engine. An we finded somebody else wift a verree hard-to-nail-down engine, an so far, we has not definitivitivlee identified it as Nemo, but I think we has a shot.

So we are goin to keep lookin, and pertee soon we are goin to find him an get justis an lik that. Cuz we are the Heroes, an the Heroes alwaes wins. Huh.

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