Sunday, February 24, 2013

Singin in the Wind(less Space)

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I wuz sleepin on the dashbord of our Chair-Spaceship-Thing, an Mom sed, “Musashi, whut yu doin?” but before I cud explain, she gottid all distracted from perpayrin Mistr Tygr fer settin down in Mumbai so that he cud spy on Captin Nemo, who stol mai naymin rigts fer the blizzard on my fifth birftdae.  

Whut has she ben verree bizzee wift, yu asks? Writin songs, if yu kin beleevz it. So I thogtid, “If she kin do it, so kin I. Huh.” So here is mai song. (So, okay, I stol the leerik struktchur from that jeenyus fellr Joss Whedon, but I has interpreted it all by maiself.) So sing wift me, peeples!

Take my love, take my land,
Take me wher I cannot stand.
Doesn’t matter. I’m still free.
Can’t take spontaneiteee.
Take me out to the bloo.
Complain and say, “Poo on yoo!”
Burn the bagels, boil the Brie.
Can’t take spontaneiteee.

Let the soldiers march in line.
They will never take my spine.
Lost my claws, lost my dream.
Can’t take spontaneiteee.

Feel the silence echo long,
Makes me want to sing this song:
I can hear it, I can see:
Can’t take my spontaneiteee.

Lost my blizzard, lost my naym.
That cad Nemo takes the blame.
Doesn’t matter. I’m still free.
Can’t take spontaneiteeee.

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