Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An About Tim Too!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we has got verree gud nooz heer tonigt, an it not just becuz I still has mai percastinayshun/writr blok problem. It turn out that the big fansee gaym MONOPOLEE has ben tryin to get all modrn. They has gottid folks to vot fer the OLD token they wantid to get rid of an then vot fer the NOO token they wantid to now be abul to yooz an plae wift when next they playd MONOPOLEE, the classic gaym of reel estat stuffs an also verree colorful paypr monee. An MONOPOLEE is also faymuslee aobut them littul metul thingeez that evreeboddee get so egsytid about, almost lik they wuz their akshul AVATARS. Huh. Which is jus kinda ridiklus.

So that faymus Hasbro compny mayded a big elekshun, so that peeples whu likt to plae the gaym cud vot about which candidayt avatar-metul-thingee they cud plae wift when they bougtid the noo verzhun of the gaym.

An LOTS and LOTS of peeples votid! It wuz almos as egsytin as that votin thingee we hads a coupla monfts ago, back in Novemberer. They hads fiv (5) candidayt metul-avatar-thingeez fer peeple to vot fer (as oppozd to onlee 2 lik in the plitikul elekshun thingee), as yu can see in Figr. 3: the diamond ring, the gitar, the helicoptr, an eevn the ROBOT (which I wud has othrwyz votid fer, myself), an the kittee.
An the vots are in!!! Peeples desiderayted that the ol’ fashund iron (that wuzn’t eevn the kind yu plugz into the electrisitee) shud go OUT! (Mai Mom sez this may be one of them stryks fer the cays of feminisimismsn, an girls not havin to do evrboddee else'z ironin. She is fer that to such an egstent that she wud has votid fer womin to has wrinklee shirts. Parentlee, this is a politikul position. I jus thogtid it wer a fashun staytmint. Huh.)

But they all LOSTID the gaym to the Kittee! 3 Cheers!

Repeat aftr me: WooHoo fer the Kittee! WooHoo fer the Kittee! WooHoo fer the Kittee! S/He are carryeein forwerd our Feelyn Legasee of the Dignitee an also the Rigtful Arrogans of Kitteez the werld ovr! O yeah!

An as Patrick McDonnell, our Verree Fayvrit Cartoonist Person, sez, yu shud notis (an be verree happee about) how the Kittee Token has got a Collar an a Naym Tag!!! (Lik all Kitteez shud has). An altho yu kin not see it on the piktchur, I bets that lik Mai Kittee Frenz, the Kittee Token Person also has his/her address an phon numbr on the bak of his/her naym tag, just lik I has.

Huh. Kitteez is winnin again all ovr. Yus, we ar. We, as a spesheez, are havin a big, fat PROUD! Yu might eevn say we ar havin a SWAGGR!!!


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PJS said...

I also saw this in the nooz and I also cheered. Yay!