Thursday, February 14, 2013

Appreeshiayin All Mai Gurl Frendz & Lik That

Musashi Sez:

We are taykin a brayk todae from mai importint mishun to catch Nemo, becuz it has com to mai attenshun that todae is Valentin Dae, when yu tells folks that yu luvs them, espeshullee when they are pertee gurlz.

So Happy Valentin Dae to Grandma, Pamlr, Amandr, Haidee, an Katia an Olga an espeshullee mai Mom, cuz she scoops mai poop, an that is how yu noe sombodee reellee lov yu.

An a Happy Valentin Dae to all mai reederz, espeshullee the ones who ar in faraway places like Germany, Russia, Texas, Lithuania, Canada, Switzerland, China, France, Ireland, India, Michigan, Maine, New York an Connecticut. Oh. An the United Kingdom. An anyboddee I might hav missed.

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