Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Calibraytin the Chairship’s Meckanisms

Musashi Sez:

So I werked all dae yestrdae (aftr brekfist, I meen) on finishin mai ship so I kin go catch that Captin Nemo gy whu stol the naymin rigts to mai blizzard. I got the originul design from mai frend Opus the Penguin, who has spent lotsa tim as the science offiser on a ship jus like it. He eevn brogtid over spayr parts from the verree old Beta Verzhun fer me to put together wift Mom’s green armchair, an we are testing the engine to mayk shur it werks well enugf.

The chair has got three levelz. Mom is goin to serv as the pilot, on the second level (wher the steerin meckanism is), an I am goin to be the captin, on the top level, wher I kin see ovr her head. When things brayk, our frend Kaylee, the meckanic, will go unnerneath, wher the fansee engine is, cuz she is verree gud wift masheenz, an she will be able to fix it.

Yu wud be verree impressed wift the engine. It has got bells an eevn wissulz. It has a uppydowny, a flux capacitor, a bobbinator, a flounce attachment, an eevn a spinny thing! It is trooly a thing of wonder. I not sure just egzactly whut a cryhole is, or a arc reactor, but parintlee, it got those things too. Don't asks me, I is just the captin.
All we has to do now is put lots of toona in the kitchin an get the fuel it needs so that the spinnything spins an the bobbinator bobbinates. I maydid shur that we were not yoozin fossil fuels, cuz Mom wudn't lik that and Kaylee wudn't eevn noe whut to do wift them since she is from 500 yeerz in the fyootchr. (But she is young fer her ayj, so it not lik she'll be fallin asleep all the tim. Huh. She'd better not! That MY job.)
Perty soon, we’ll be abul to cast off an chays that annoyin Nemo fellr: Zoom! Zish! The Firefly class ship Spontaneity, ready fer akshun, wift ME, the heroic captin!

But Mom sez I am not allowed to call her mai byootiful assistint. Oh well, yu can’t has evrythin.

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