Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Gets to Pilot the Ship!!!

Musashi Sez:

Zoom! Zish! Meeeeeeyrrrrr! I am pilotin the ship! I eevn has mai verree own pilot hat wift a brim!!! I am lookin the hight of stylish.

See, Mom worked verree hard today, an then she got to the point where she had to try like five whol tims to spell the word spycko psichlo that thin where they studdee peeples minds, an when she caym hom, she wuz too tierd to pilot, so she let me do it. (Yu notis that I not try that manee tims, cuz if I gots that tierd, we’d have Mr. Tygr pilotin the ship, an I egspeks that wudn’t go so gud.)

So far I has egsperimentaytid wift loop-de-loops, figure 88s an othr fansee moovz. Mom is so inspired by mai acrobatics that she sez jus as soon as she gets up tomorro, she will take the com and try some of them out herself.

But I gotta say, I think we needs noo ligt bulbs on this ship. Everboddee lookin a littul green in the floressint ligtin. Huh.

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