Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Diffrcult Myoozik

Musashi Sez:

So we has ben listenin to som egsytin myoozik, lik “Yu an Me” from that myoozikul Viktr/Viktoria wift all the whit ty an tailz. Mom an me has ben singin an dansin around the livin room when our roommates aren’t around (cuz that wud jus be embarrassin). Folks wud thinks that I am ligt on mai feets, and I gots lots of feets, so we ar talking LOTS of embarrassmint.

An of cors Mom is a gurl, so altho she luk okay in a top-hat, she not egzaktlee happee about the whol thin, an she probabul rigt when she say that if she wuz wearin a eevnin gown, I wud probabul gets mai clawz caugtid in it, which wud be bad.

But I gotta say, this myoozik, fer all its faults, is still betterer than that who “Call Me Rabies” crayze that has been goin on this past year. Huh. Mai nepfyoo-once-remoovd, Collin Britt mayd a fansee choir verzhun of this song and gottid hisself an his frends on the TV fer doin this song that get unner yer skin in annoyin wayz. So now I am two degreez from sombodee faymus, which mayk me feel betterer about that song.

But mostlee, I purrferz that Mylz Davis fellr. I kin listen to his myoozik all day, wayvin my tail bak an forth in tim, an, yu noe, kina groovin. In mair hart I iz a Jazz Kittee.

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