Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mai 5th Birftdae!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, yestrdae wuz mai 5th birftdae. I am 5 now!!!  We celerbrayted by havin a big ol blizzard! We gots two feets of sno outside, which is like almost elebenty inches. The onliest problem is that they din’t naym it aftr me, lik they shud hav. Instead they naymed it Nemo, which I thogtid was stoopid, cuz he’s jus a littul orinj fish, rigt? An I wuz thingkin how cool it wuz that they naymed that hurricayn las fall fer my Grandmom, Sandy. So they shud has naymed the blizzard after ME, Musashi.

But then I finded out what REELLEE happened. See, it turn out that this gy, Captin Nemo, whu has this nookyoolr submareen, come up in the middul of the city wher all them meteeyor meatierol mityer gyz whu predict the weathr ar. And he STOL the naymin rigts to the blizzard!!!

This is verree bad, but I has figgered out a way to fix it. I toldid mom that all I needed wuz mai verree own nookyoolr submareen, an then I cud CHAYS him down an get the naymin rigts bak!!!

Egsept that Mom sed, “Musashi, if we not has room fer a ponee, wher yu thingk we goin to put a submareen??? An anywae, as environmentalists, we is opposed to the nuclear stuffs—"

And then she made me read about nuclear stuffs on Wikrpedia. Turns out nuclear is not the saym as nookyoolr. Nuclear is about bashin atoms and makin them poisonous, eevn tho yu do get some enerjee out of it.

Luckilee, I has a degree in the nookyoolr fhyziks, which is the stuffs that runs the nookleeaytr, which mos of yu non-teknikul typs probabul refer to as the “microwave.” Huh.

So I is retrofittin (this mor of mai speshulist langwudj) Mom’s green armchair into a nookyoolr ship thing. I wuz goin to christen her (not Mom; the chair) the Firefly class ship, Spontaneity, but since all the stors are closed fer the storm, we are goin to have to put off the whol champagne thing fer a fyoo daes.

In the meentim, Mom has maydid Blooberree Cinnamon Muffinz to celerbrayt mai birftdae, an Mom an the girls (they ar Rushin, like lotsa them Bond girls), sang Happy Birftdae to me (in two an a half part harmony, but I not holds it against them). So I is goin to go has mai partee and then I will com bak an finish mai ship an then go an catch this Captin Nemo gy.

He not see whut is comin. Huh.

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