Monday, September 14, 2009

A Quantum of Salsa

Musashi Sez:

Som of mai reedrz wuz verree glad wen I escaypt from Licktenshtyn an got bak to mai reglar lyf, espeshul becuz they wer missin mai commintaree on toyz an littr an othr importint stuff. I didn’t egspekt a 72-hour mishun to last fer 2 monfts lik that. Mom sez it’s cuz of jet lag an quantum. Tim kin do stretchee stuff wen a lot is happnin at onse. Well-noen fact. Happns to athletes all the tim. Thingk about the Lympics.

An if I’m goin to be a responsibul writr servin mai constitchooensee of jentul reedrz, then I got to be maykin som desizhuns.

Does I gives up spyin? Does I gives up telling peeples stuffs they need to noe?

It seemd verree hard until mai mom remind me what her frendz at skool alwaes sez: “It not eethr/or. It boft/and.”

“Huh,” sez I. “How I do boft? How yu egspekt me to be in 2 playsiz at the saym tim?”

“Huh yerself,” she sez. “Yu noe about fhyziks. Yooz quantum. A thing kin absolootlee be in 2 playsiz at the saym tim as long as nobuddee noe about it egsaktlee.”

She egsplaynd it to me ovr an ovr til I gotst it. Parentlee, it has to do wift this kittee naymed Schroedinger whu travlz playsis in a box. She sez that basiklee, kitteez has the 9 lyvz, but evrboddee alwaes assoomz they got to liv them SEE-QUENT-CHALLEE, lik 1 aftr another. But ther no reezn why we can’t liv 2 at the saym tim, as long as we don’t yooz that GPS trackin stuff.

Well, I’m still not shur I folloz it all, but I chekt it out wift MII-6, an they sed, oh yeah, we does that all the tim.

OK, no. They’s British. Whut they akshul sed wuz, “Qwite rigt, ol man. Didn’t M tell yu? It’s qwite the don thing.” (Mom tranzlaytid fer me into Merikan.)

So tomorrow I’m goin to start a PARALELL blog wift my parallel lyf.

PS: Meenwhyl, I lerns how to salsa, so I kin sweet-talk the laydeez. Tango wud be askin wae tooo mutch.


Mom Says:

Check it out tomorrow at

It’s exactly what it sounds like, except without the apostrophe.


Nancy said...

Both/and! Yes!

The cats have absolutely no problem with both/and...

I want to sit both in your chair and on your lap.
I want to sleep both in your bed and on your pillow.
I want to eat both my kibble and your roast chicken/baked salmon/beef stew.

Pamela said...

Yes: I want to hear Eight's spy adventures and also Musashi's musings (and mewings).