Monday, September 21, 2009

Musashi’s Shtring Theoree

Musashi Sez:

Happee Autom! As probabul most of yu reedrz noe, last monft was mai haf-birftdae, an mai rescue dae memerorial, 08/08 (an that’s why mai middul naym is Octavian). Fer that ospishus dae, I gots a green shtring from mai frend Jenna, an (when she had comd bak from Pitsberg) a fuzzy ninja moussee on a stretchee shtring from mai mom. Her naym is Shteller. The moussee, not mom. But this post is about shtringz, not ninjaz. This post about (dum-dum-DUM!): The Importins of Dentl Haijeen (an Sayfty Also).

Som peeples thingk that I only liv the life of a lidderary sellebriddy, but is not tru. In fact, I works very hard. Fer example, evry nigt, I com in baftroom wher mom is FLOSSING an BRUSHING her teeft. I junp up on the edje of sink an fossl-a-tate. I maks shur that she's doin it rigt: chewin on shtring an brushin wift the brusht. Then, wuns I shur she hasn't fergottin stuff, I junp down to the bathtub, to mak shur that no Bathtub Shnowzerz are comin up to attackle her or me. I told yu all about the shnowzerz wae bak in Janyooaree, so if yu hav forgot, yu shud go bak an refresh yer memorrary.

But heer’z the importint part fer all yu kitteez out ther. It akshul not jus mom whu hav to FLOSS wift shtring (an her shtring is green also). I gotsta FLOSS tooo. I fyndid this out bak in Jooly wen I vizitid the vet, a nys laydee whu say mai breft akshul stink fer a gud reezon, an that is jenetiks. Parentlee, I migt has som Mayn Coon kittee in me. They’r noen fer bein big an havin toothal problims. Huh. Win som, looz som, I ges.

Aneewae, mai verree niftee shtring from Jenna is the bestest. It is long an fuzzee, which meen it is mor fun an also that wen I FLOSS, it probabul catch mor stuff. The coolest part is it’s got like 7 or 8 endz, cuz I’ll be playin wift 1 an then mom danguls anothr abov mai hed, an jus as I grabs at that end, ther anothr 1 comin around at me! It lik majik, I thingks, boft fun an gud fer mai toofts. Betweeen that an the speshul toothal fud I got perscrybd bai mai vet, mai mouft smell mutch betterer an I am a happier kittee.

So all yu littul kitteez gots to rememember to FLOSS jus lik Onkul Musashi! K?

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