Friday, September 11, 2009

Broos Lee, Amatchoor Dragn

Musashi Sez:

OK! I noe I ben goin on an on about Jimbond an all that spy stuff, but yu got to be admittin, it verree egsytin!!! All that runnin and jumpin, an eevn leepin! an pounsin!, although I didn’t do no pounsin! on mai mishun. But ther this othr gy whu wuz not a spy. He wuz a moovee star an a marshl artist, an that meen he draw pikchurz of swamps in his spayr tim, but also that he lik figtin othr peeple a whol lot.

I thingk he not ben “fixd,” whutevr that meen, cuz of all the figts he got into, not alwaes wift the rigt peeples, but o well. He wuz, lik I sed, a moovee star in mooveez lik Chyneez Connekshun and Com Heer, Dragn!

He lookt reellee gud in blak too. I givs him 2 starz.

PS: O yeh, he don Kung Fu, an that is kind of figtin, an yu eevn gets to yooz yer clawz!

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