Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Innerupt This Storee fer a Littul Bit

Musashi Sez:

Mom an me not hav tim to werk on mai blogs todae cuz mom was downtown all dae doin “Jooree Dootee,” which she sae is a verree seeryus thin an it halp our contree’s PART-ISS-IPAR-TOREE DEMAKRASEE to werk.

I sez, “It halp whut?”

An she sez, “It’s wher lotsa peeples (hoomins) gets together an mayk shur they hasn’t ben scratchin eetch othr’s furnitchur or faysis or mebbe steelin eetch othr’s mousees. An if they has, they gets in trubbul.”

“Oh!” sez I. “Is that innerestin?”

“Most of it is kinda borin, but fer one bit, a guy wayvd a layser pointr at som picktchurz on the wall. Yu wud hav likd that, Musashi.”

“Oh boy! Did yu chays it in sirkuls?”

“No,” sez Mom. “The judj wudn’t let us.”

“Whut’s a judj?”

Mom sez, “A judj is somebody whu mayks shur evrboddy do things the way the law says. She wears a big black robe an sits behind a big desk wift a big chayr.”

I perks up mai silkee blak eerz at this. “A blak robe? Hmm. Cud I be a judj wen I grows up?”

“Um, well, yu cud,” sez Mom slowlee. “But yu’d hav to go to lawyer skool first, an that is pertee borin. An aneewae, the judj didn’t chays the layzer pointr eethr.”

So aneeway, that is why we not have a storee or a revyu of a toy or aneethin lik that todae in mai blog. But, hey, yu gots to lern about Jooree Dootee, an partissipartoree somthin, an also judjiz. So yu’r still getting edjakaytd. So that’s OK. See yu tomorro!

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