Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anothr Kindr, Jentlr Profeshun

Musashi Sez:

If all yu reedr peeples don’t want me to becom a spy or somthin vyolint lik that (an yu kin see whut that's lik if yu goez to mai othr blog, Agent Eight's Spy Journal at, then I gots to com up wift som othr career opshuns.

Asyd from lookin at the Baibul lik Mom does at her skool, I wuz thingkin of becomin a dentist. Dentists deels wift yer teeft (Yah, they ogts to call them toothists, but go figgr). Now, I thingks that teeft ar small an not verree danjerus, so dentistree wud be a kind an jentul perfeshun.

Parentlee, lotsa kittee peeples does this. I inkloods lotsa pictshurs to shows yu.

Yu lets me noe whut yu thingks. K?


Pamela said...

Now I has to reads twice as much!

Musashi said...

It gud fer yu. Also, cors, yu needz to commint twys as mutch, cuz yu is almos mai onliest reedr somtims, an I get discurrijd.

Thx fer reedin!!!