Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eyz Lik Layzr Poyntrz!

Musashi Sez:

Ha! Thoz bank gyz thogt they cud catch me bai turnin off the ligts, but they didn’t reckon on mai beein abul to see in the dark!

An of cors that a gud thin cuz it meend that they didn’t beleev me when I sed I wuz a Hell Moussee, an they didn't thingk I wuz a kittee eethr. This jus lik gettin the las lagf, egsept fer I wuz getting it in the middul instead!

Cuz heer the thin about hoomin peeples an ligts. Their bildins ar nevr compleetlee dark, cuz of them emerjinsee ligts, that don’t akshul let them see enugf anneewae. So thoz por bank gyz wer still bumblin aroun in what they wer thingkin was dark eevn tho I was zippin up stayrz an aroun cornrz lik it wuz a sunnee aftrnoon instead of 2 in the mornin at nigt.

An heer’z the othr yoosful thin about bein a kittee: I kin yooz mor than 1 sens at a tim—not lik hoomins whu gots to clos eyz when they smell stuff—eevn whil I’m runnin full tilt—

An yeh, eevn when I’m a littul bit skayrd, whitch mai buddee Jimbond sez is okay, cuz it kin giv me an adrennalillin boost or somthin spelld lik that. It lik enerjee, parentlee.

An boy, did I has it! I wuz seein evr littul bit of ligt on the cornrz of evrthin, an I wuz smellin thoz gyz an their coffee an their swet an that horribul sudzee smell an dust and then I cud smell a chanj lik that Herr Direktr Shmit feller an I veerd in that direkshun (cuz it wuz old, not lik him comin down the hall or lik that) an I wuz hopin his smell wud leed me to his offis, but instead, I kept jus goin up an up an up—

An then I hadzd a bad moment.

I had com to the end of ups.


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