Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free! Dramatik! An Verree Wet!

Musashi Sez:

I rayst throo the streetz of Vaduz, drentcht from abov bai the rayn an splasht from belo bai the puddlz, not shur if I wuz bein followd but not taykin annee chansis. I had to get bak to the hotel an pertend lik I had nevr left, but I’d onlee don this trip awayk in the daetim. Now evrthin lookd diffrint at nigt. I turnd a cornr that lookd familyur an foun maiself jus outsid Le Chat dans le Forêt, the fansee restoront wift the treez insid.

I lookd up at the windo, an ther, lookin down, rigt bak at me, wuz that rich laydee Perzhun kittee whu ownd the doggee-toy empyr. She flikt her tayl lik, “Com on in!” and befor I cud thingk what to do, the dorman opend the dor an shood me insid, wher I stud drippin undr thoz treez, blinkin in the ligts, an wundrin what on Ceiling Cat’s gud green erth I wuz goin to do now.

An then—if yu kin imajin it—the dorman pikt me up!

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