Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Naytchur of Diffrint Eekonomeez

Musashi Sez:

Wull, parentlee, I confuzzld som hoomin peeples a few daez ago wen I sed I hads a payin gig, cuz they thogts that I wuz getting payd in Unitee Stayts monee, lik dollerz an sutch. But I not too into that particler eekonomee, cuz it go up an down bfor yu noez it. I perfer barter an lik that.

Fer this heer coatchin gig, I is getting paid by mai mom (fer whoom mai pertisipayshun mayk her lif mor easier) in hugs an kissiz. I mae not like it mutch (cuz I is a boy, an, lik, eeeewww!) but it mayks her happy. An mebbe I gets kittee treets to as a frentch benefit. Whu noe?
Meenwhil I am bildin up my curriculikular viter, or somthin; this lik a rezoomay, but smallerer. Mom sez if it don’t mayks yu fat an it adds to her curricuiku—rezoomay, it hafta be a gud thin.

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