Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mai Mom: Part-tim Snow Panthr

Musashi Sez:

So mai Granpa sez that he kan’t remembember a wintr that hads this mutch sno, an he is reellee old, lik 10!!! Mai mom jus got some claws that she cud attatch to her boots, so she has betterer “trak-shun.”*

She can’t retrakt them (so she can’t go into mos restorants lik a sivilizd kittee cud), but on the othr paw, they are mayd of STEEL! So I figgr, she is braykin eevn, cuz maynlee she kin walk on theez slippree sidwoks wiftout fallin down, an we NOT want her to falls down. (Unless we trips her ourself, an problee not eevn then. Cuz we kinda lovs her, speshullee sins she went an got us that cruntchee fud that not has all the fillrs that jus leevs us hungree agen. Huh.)

So Mom is lik a Joonyer Ninjr Kittee!

*OK. I admit this mayk no sens. Cuz the whol problim she has is that the TRAK she is tryin to wok on is SHUNNIN her bootz. So yu’d thingk that speshul attatchibul clawz wud akshullee be calld, sae, TRAK-ATTAK or somthin lik that. But hoominz rayrlee mayk that mutch sens.

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Pamela said...

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