Monday, January 24, 2011

Mai Noo Gig!!!

Musashi Sez:

OK, I am verree egsytid, cuz I got mai firstest payin writin gig. This meenz I writ an somboddee pae me. Mom sez that if I am verree gud, I cud eevn pay for a bottul of treets! O BOY!

An whut is this job, you asks? I am writin in a blog fer mai mom’s MIT Get Fit Team’s blog. I is the Gud Coatch. She got that meen laydee from Glee on TV to be the Bad Coatch, cuz som folks need to be bulleed an som needz to be cuddld. I’m the cuddlr, as long as it is short-term, lik 1-9 minits, cuz aftr that I has to leep awae! an go finds adventchur or cruntchee fud or possibul a warm plays unner the lamp.

Luk at me. I’am goin perfeshunnul!


Pamela said...


Susan said...

OK, Pamlr, yu noe I lovs yu, an not jus becuz of yer comments. But this 1 is lackin of yer uzhual pizazz. Whut kin we do to halp?

Pamela said...

Uh, more sleep?

Susan said...

Rok-abai Sisker
On the book top
Wen the win blow
Yer desk it'll rok.

When the desk rok
Books fall on yer hed.
Then yu gits up
An yu goez to bed!

Pamela said...

That sounds about right!

Susan said...

Yah. I verree talinted. I jus ortho-grapfik-lee challinjd, accordin to Mom.