Friday, January 28, 2011

Luk at Me, I’m Dansin!

Musashi Sez:

So yestrdae I sed that I wuzn’t mutch fer dansin, but I haz discovrd maiself in a misstaytmint. I doez dans! I jus doezn’t mutch Amerikan dans.

Yestrdae, aftr she lookd at the mos brillyunt websit, (of cors), Mom showd me a video of one of mai heeroz in the biznis: Maru, the Japaneez kittee whu lov boxis. I am not mutch of a box fan, unless they is sidwaez an yu kin run throo them lik a tunnl. But Maru is one of them cool, hip, innernashunl starz. An he do the Paypr Flamenco.

Mom sez she thinks the video clip we leavz yu wift is a Soleà: a slowr song about pain, dispair, an ironee. Verree dramatical. I sez it also have a definit ayr of attak. Watch the clip an see whut yu thinks!

Yu'r goin to haf to writ it down an then typ it in, cuz the Link applikayshun is fuxd. This a teknikul term I lernd from the cheezburger sit, wher they noe lotsa tecknikul termz, altho not so mutch about the kapyootrz. An if wers com to wers, yu jus go to an yu tells them yu wants Maru an payper. It caym out onlee a coupla daez ago.

Huh. So mutch fer this Hoo-Har Hoomin Teknolojee. I NOT thingk mutch of it.

PS: Yu gets egstra poynts if yu kin tell me the orijin of mai titul.


Pamela said...

When does your fitness blog go live?

Pamela said...

Hey: I know what "Look at me, I'm dancin'!" is from!! Or is it actually "Look at me, I'm dancin' crazy!"?

Susan said...

Yu the bomb, Pamlr. Yu gots the rememoree eevn bettr than Mom. She need to go watch it agen.