Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turnin the Werld Insid Owt

Musashi Sez:

I ben thingkin about how it wud be if kittee peeplez wer lik twentee feets tall an ownd the werld the wae hoomin peeples doez now. An if we had “pets” of hoomin peeples…

Ther wud havta be stors fer buyin soccr ballz an books an “caffeen,” an also spunjiz, cuz of cors hoomins don’t lik the catnip an they doezn’t hav propr tungs fer givin themselves bafts.

Mom callz this typ of thingkin “what ifs” an sez it is verree norml fer novulists an such peeplez whu thingks throo all kindsa stuff to figgr out whut migt happn. She sez that ScyensFikshun an Fantasee novulists do this kinda thin all the tim, an the bettrer they doez it, the bettrer their storeez ar...

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