Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Shud be a Geststar on Glee

Musashi Sez:

So mai mom is sutcha nerd. She watch Glee lik it goin out of biznis. So does all her frends at her school wher they lern about Ceiling Cat an Jeezus an Croosaydz an stuff. Pertee borin, egsept fer mebbe the Croosaydz. I’m goin to look into that som mor. But aneewae, this bad habbit is onlee cauzin her to leep into singin! an occayzhunul eevn dansin! An somtimz she scups me up an I has to dans wift her. Huh. So not fayr.

But she’s tellin me how these kidz ar gettin into the magrzeenz, cuz they ar “tryin noo stuff an braykin boundreez” an stuff lik that. Also, they gots Kirstin Chenowith an Gwyneth Paltrow as gest starz. Huh. I cud be a gest star. OK, so I not so down wift the whol dansin thin, but Kermit the Frog wasn’t Fred Astayr an he has a grayt career AND he onlee a frong! An he got to sing wift Elton John, an Julie Androoz, an John Denvr, an lik that.

Everboddee sez “if yu kin talk, yu kin sing!” so I ben praktissin talking. I sez, “Yo!” to mai mom wen I com into the room. Somtimz I sez, “Pay attenshun!” or “Whut a lovlee carpit.” I eevn manidged, “Did yer boss giv yu the dae off?” this morning, but mom thogt I wuz akskin fer brkfist.

So that werkd out. I figger that, sins Glee had got “pikt up” fer another seezin, I gots at leest 6 monfts to lern to talk an to start mai singin carreeer. Then I figgr sins they gots most colrz of hoomins, an eevn a fellr whu has wheelz, they be opin to havin a actor whu gots pawz.

It ar troolee a whol noo werld.

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