Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Som Rezolooshunz, Bai ME!!!

Musashi Sez:

Heer ar som Noo Yeer’s Rezolooshunz. They follrz the tips from Mom that I toldid yu about yestrdae. Yu kin borro them if yu needz som.

1. Sleep at leest 4 hourz a nigt an 4 hours a dae.
2. Not to eets the ice creem. At all. Evr.
3. Not to get caugt sleepin unnr the heet lamp on the taybul by Karli.
4. Halp Mom gets her egsersiz by chaysin me aroun.
5. Not to mayk faysiz wen Mom insist on watchin Glee. (I’m allowd to sleep throogh it tho.)
6. Halp Mom wift her relernin Frentch, cuz I is tres fluid in the Frentch.
7. Not to get unnerfuts wen folks is cookin.
8. Writ at leest 1 blog per dae.
9. Start thingkin about a novul.

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