Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epiphunnee: Kings an Crowns an Parteez!

Musashi Sez:

Happee epiphunnee! This the dae wen the three kings (or wiz-gyz, which is the meenin of the werd magi) rod into Jerusalem on a camul, which musta ben pertee crowdid, cuz camelz are the ones that has onlee one hump to sit on. I figgrz that this is proof that the wyz-gyz wer kittee peeples insted of hoomin peeplez, as is offin assoomd wen this storee gets toldid. Or mebbe they jus tookd turns. Aftr all, it wuz Christmous, an yu’r spozd to be nice to folks on Christmous.

If this is tru, then we has to chanj the song. So heer it is, chanjd. WTK = We Three Kittees

We three kitteez, whu don’t has a car
Travulz on our feetsis so far
Field and mountain, but no fountains,
Becuz we NOT lik bafts. O-O!
Star of wundr, star of perfekshun
Yu gydz us so we not needz direkshunz.
Headin west, yu still the bestest!
Now we needz a nap.

Ther ar a buntcha versiz too, but they tayks me mor tim to remembmembr.

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Pamela said...

Those notorious Lego Magi! Believe it or not, I was thinking about them today, knowing it was Epiphany.