Friday, January 14, 2011

Novulz ar Hardr than they Looks

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I have ben hard at werk laytlee, tryin hard to werk on mai Noo Yeer Rezolooshunz, partiklree the one about mai novul. Mom sez that novulz is hardr than they seem, an yu gots to hav lotsa nots an owtlinz an such, an yu gots to hav a verree strong feelin about yer Mayn Chariktrz, lik whut they ar wantin, an why, an whut they are willin to do to acheev it. I toldz her that all this wuz too abstrak fer me, an cud she finds me a more spersifik egzampul? An she did.

Todae, she caym hom wift the novul by Diane Duane (whu she has red befor) calld The Book of Night with Moon.
It about som kittee wizrdz whu ar holdin the fabrik of spays an tim togethr by their clawz, whil figtin som bad gyz. It is troollee inspirin. I has mutch mor to thingk about now that I has joind mai mom whu is reedin this grayt book by sleepin on top of it whil my mom is sleepin in her bed, in between mai shifts on her knee. (This importint werk, maykin her kneez feel yoosful an stuffs.)

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