Monday, January 17, 2011

Mor Trubbl wift Mai Novul

Musashi Sez:

Wull, mai mom an I finishd reedin/sleepin-on that novul about them kittee wizrdz, and it wuz thrilling an a littul sad, wift som reellee egsitin parts!!! So of cors I akskd her about how I cud writ an egsitin buk wiftout havin to writ sad bits, cuz I NOT lik them. An she sed it wuz moslee a cays of “jhanra”: diffrint kindsa buks has diffrint kindsa egspektayshunz attatchd to them, an yu gotta gives folks whut they egspekts. I NOT thingk mutch of this wae of tellin storeez. Mom sez that I kin do whut I want fer mai Art, but I gotta egspekts that I migt mayk a whol lot less monnee, cuz peeples don’t pae fer to be surpryzd or dissrpoyntid. It lik the noospaypr: they not reellee pae fer noos; they pae fer “oldz.”

Huh. Stoopid hoominz. Dismotivaytin mai hihg art wen I i'z not jus a arteest’s protazhay or somthin, but a Reellee Troollee Arteest all bai maiself. HUH!


Pamela said...

The writing would go easier if you wore a beret.

Susan said...

Yus, but not cayr fer razzlberreez, an blak wud be Too Mutch of a Gud Thin on me. I wuz thingkin burgundee, mebbee, or goldee-yallr.