Monday, March 29, 2010

A Pawz fer a SrPryz Partee! (wift othr gud nooz)

Musashi Sez:

OK. So I noes that yu all has ben worryin about the homless kittee. An I got payjiz mor to say about how it wuz wen he wuz heer. (His naym wuz Jaspr, by the wae). I’m goin to tell yu now that he is OK. I’ll tell yu about how that all werkd out laytr. But, wuns he wuz cleerlee OK, then mai mom “commenst” to giv me a surpryz birftdae partee! So I tell yu about that now, cuz it wuz surpryzin an egsytin, and tomorrer I’ll tell yu about Kaspr’s storee. K?

Mom says:

This is not a hard story to tell. I came home with the devil’s food cake mix and eggs, having already made sure that I had orange marmalade. Let’s face it: he’s a black cat, so we HAD to have the devil’s food cake. But he’s also a spicy little Paddington kittee (and DON’T tell him I said that!). So we had to have something with a little √©lan—this is a word I got from the crossword puzzles I do on the train home. It is easier to spell than pizzazz.

So, with vegetable oil from Karlee, and cupcake papers picked up by Carlos, I put together some slightly “voom” cupcakes. We sang "Happee Birftdae" and ate the naked ones. I will draw the ninja turtles and stuff on the ones I bring to EDS tomorrow—and those divinity students, oh yes, they will sing. Hah! They will sing if they want Musashi Birthday Cupcakes! (This is Musashi maykin me channul him.)


Musashi Sez:

Yah. Yu gotsta sing. But yu jus ask my granpa and granma Splekki: yu kin pik whut kee yu wants to sing in… I not so pickee….

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