Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Studyin Too Mutch Iz Bad Fer Yer Helth

Musashi Sez:

I finded this piktchur on the innerwebs, an it shows gy’z best frend halpin him stop study about the molequles an solar enerjee an lik that. But it not onlee doggeez whu do this verree halpful servis fer their companyun peeples. Cats do it too.

Fer exampul, wen mai mom is writin payprz too mutch, I com up behind her an claw at her chayr till she turn around to aksk me whut I’m doin. An that’s kinda funnee wen yu think about it, cuz, obveeuslee, I’m clawin her chayr. If she don’t notis so mutch, I do it the othr way, which I think of as the Mad Bomber Mom Distrakshun Techneek (MBMDT): I com runnin in from the hallway and leap up an wak her on the back of her nek wift my paw. Of cors, I dozn’t yooz mai claws, cuz I’m onlee tryin to get her attenshun, an she meen well. On verree rayr okayzhunz, I will com an pat her on the knee, but wen I do that she gets all “O yu’r so kyoooot!” an ther onlee so mutch of that a gy kin stand.
But if yu gots a hoomin peeple companyun whu study a lot, I offr theez techneeks fer yu to yooz wen yu needz playin or feedin or jus reglar attenshun.

Qwot of the Dae: “Cat Viat Emptor” or, tranzlaytd, “Let the buyer kittee bewayr!”

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