Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Innerlopr Goz Hom, an Also Cupcayks

Musashi Sez:

Befor I tellz yu about mai cupcayk birftdae surpryz parteez, I gotsta tell yu about whut happind wift Jaspr an his hoomin.

So Karlee & Carlos (K&C) moovd the Naymless Kittee into Karlee’s room fer the tim bein. They caym an went, an wen they wer gond, the kittee cried an scratchd at the dor. It wuz a confuzzlin tim.

Mom pikkt me up an tryd to egsplayn me whut wuz goin on. She sed, “Musashi! Yu’r mai buddee!” an she gives me lotsa kissiz an tell me mai fur smell gud. An she sez, “Wen somboddee havn’t got a hom, we gotsta halp them, rigt?”

“Huh. OK.”

“Wull, ther ar another kind of homlessness, too. It called temperaree, lik wen somboddee akshul got a hom, but their hoomin gets lostid. Then we gotsta tayk cayr of the kittee whu is heer whil we finds the hoomin whu got lostid.”

“Huh. If yu sae so.”

“This calld hosprtalitee. In forrin contreez wher they gots big mountins or big hot dezzerts, hosprtalitee is a Law.”

“Yus,” I sez, “but if we don’t has thoz thins, it not a law heer!”

“Wull,” sez she, “but we gots big, scaree truks. Yu remembrer las Jooly, wen we vizitid the Vet Laydee? The one whu givd yu the shinee bloo medul fer bein brayv wen she givd yu the raybeez shot?”

“Huh. Why I not get a medul fer being brayv on the sidwalk in mai carryin thin? I NOT lik sidwalk!”

“Egzaktlee!” shouts Mom. “Sidwalk is danjruss fer kitteez! So we is being hosprtabul whil we try to find this kittee’s companyun hoomin.”


Mom’s doin that annoyin Bein Rigt Thin agen, an I NOT lik it. She sez the other kittee is a gest, but he seem mor lik a innerlopr to me!

So laytr, K&C goes out, an Mom an me sits on the coutch wift our blankeez, cuz it wuz a cold dae and the othrz hads their windoz opn a littul. But that wuz OK, cuz it wuz verree cozy fer ME an MOM. Togethr! She NOT aneebodee els’z Mom!!! Huh! (Not! Not! NOT!)

Qwot of the Dae: “Has yer cupcayk an eets it too.”

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