Monday, March 1, 2010

Nu Bestest Kittee Toy Evr!

Musashi Sez:

Jus wen I wuz thingkin ther wuzn’t mutch else to writ about, Mom coms hom wift the mos resint Bestest Toy Evr. Betterer than that, it’s eevn all natchurl. It’s a SEED-POD from the Sweet Gum Tree. It is a spiky ball, so it roll reellee funnee, an also yu gots to watch yer paws if yu dosn’t want to get bit by it. An it’s verree ligt-weyt, so if yu hits it jus rigt, it kin go verree far across the livin room.

Yu shud all get som fer yerselvz!

I gives it 3 stars!

Qwot of the dae: "No kittee aneewher evr givd aneeboddee a straygt ansr." --Peter S. Beagle

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