Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bein Irish Todae, Regardlis

Musashi Sez:

Top of the morning to yu!

Mom Says:

And the rest of the day to you!

Musashi Sez:

Thangks, Mom. Yu kin go bak to yer homwerk now.

Happee Saynt Patrik’s Dae, evrboddee! Mom sez that eevn tho I’m a ‘Merickan kittee wift a Japaneez naym an a altr-eego whu werk wift the British govermint, I kin be Irish todae if I wants.

Bein Irish is kinda lik bein a pirat, egsept yu dringks mor tea an yu writs bettr po-etree. Yu handlz rayn bettr, cuz yu deelz wift it mor offn, an possibul yu dringks green beer, althog I am not shur about that one.

Aneewae, my big qwetshun is: Why doez leprechauns has beerdz but not mustashiz? The gy whu wayr green clothz an act all aggressiv, whu is the roll modl fer them stoodints at Noter Dame: jus how Irish is he aneewae? Does he reellee dringk lotsa tea? Doez that stunt the groth of his mustash?

Qwot of the Dae:
Erin go Bragh, or Éireann go Bráth. Ireland forever!

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