Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mistree Kittee Confuzzlz Our Lyf

Musashi Sez:

This morning, somboddee nokkd on our dor an aksd mai mom if she had a kittee.

She sed, “Yes!”

The voys aksd if perhaps the kittee wuz on othr sid of dor (the sid wift the voys)?

Mom sed, “No. I’m lookin at him rigt now.”

The voys went awae.

Laytr on, Mom left, an then I heerd her voys an then she caym bak, pord som of mai littr in a big thin an waddr in a littul thin, an went out agen. It wuz a big mistree.

Laytr aftr that, my roommayts, Karlee an Carlos (whu they ar not twinz), caym in, pord a littul of mai fud in a littul boul, went out, and caym in agen. They sat an talkd bout som por homless kittee, an I wuz startin to thingk mebbe it wuz that weerd kittee from Cheshr.

Then Mom caym hom, an a kittee follrd her. He wuz a whit kittee wift a blak tailcot, jus a littul gy. But why he com in heer?

He started to wandr around wift us all follrin him, an I not shur whut to do. Does I purr? Does I powns!? It wuz a defnit dilemmin.

Fynlee, they brings him into Karlee’s room an clos dor. They brings all thos thins they pord outsid into Karlee’s room an then Mom goes to werk at compyootr, gromblin about taxis, or mebbe taxes. Hard to tell. She doesn’t so much r-tik-yoo-layt wen she gromblz.

Laytr on, Karlee aks Mom about if the Othr Kittee sprayz? Cuz she not shur if him has got the po-lyt up-bringin I has. Mom tells her not to worree cuz his companyun peeplz will be comin in no tim at all.

Huh. She sutch an optomitrest.

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Pamela said...

So what happened to the little guy? I am very tempted to offer him a home.