Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jus Wen Yu Thogt the Werld Wuz Sayf…

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I mus admit that I thogtid that the werld wuz sayf agen aftr that big erthqwayk thin in Haidi (which is souft of Florida). But parentlee, I wuz wrong! Ther have ben anothr erthqwayk thin more southrer of ther, in a plays called Chile.

Now, ferst I has to say that the Chili yu’r thingkin of is not the Chile that is havin the problims, cuz beans don’t have to worry about starvin, as a rool. So folx lik yu an me has to offr monnee to the Chile folks, jus lik we did fer the Haiti folks. Cuz them folks at the Innrnashunnul Federayshun fer Aminals needs yer halp if they’r goin to be halpin all them aminals in Chile whu has gotten confyoozd an displayst by that nastee erthqwayk…

SO: Yu gotsta thingk: whu needz mai monnee most and whu needs it soonest?

LOV: Musashi

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