Monday, March 22, 2010

It’s Fynlee SPRING! Reellee!!!

Musashi Sez:

Yestrdae wuz verree egsytin. I wuz jus sittin ther in mai lookin-out-the-windo kittee-bed, an ther wuz this pertee sound, that also mayd me hungree. Verree stranj. I jumpt up an lookt down an ther wuz this funnee lookin berdee. Mos of the berds I sees is eethr all whit or all grey, or somtimz, all blak (an they is the skayree onz, cuz som of them is as big as me!). But this berdee wuz blak and grey on the outside, but his/her tummee wus all reddish-orinj.

Mom caym up behin me an sed, “Whutchu lookin at, Musashi?”

An I sed, “The funnee birdee on the grass down ther.”

She sed, “O! A robin red-brest! That meen it’s spring! She com to tell yu that it is offishlee spring!”

“How she noe wher to find me?”

“Wull, she has the saym book as ol Jak Frost has, yu rmemember, the gy who paynts funnee piktchurs in whit on the windo?”


“O yes.”

“So how com she still singin. I gets it alreddee.”

“Wull, yu noe, whil she’s heer, she migt as well tell evrboddee aroun whu don’t noe, rigt?”

Huh, I thogtid. Whut I akshullee sed wuz, “I don’t remebmbmer this happnin las yeer…”

“Cors not. Yu wer still jus littul las yeer. Yu wer bayrlee a yeer old.”

An of cors, she’z rigt. Funnee about how momz is so offin rigt. I ges they gets a book or a ons-a-monft ensyklopeedier set or somthin, so they kin keep up on theez importint kindsa isshooz.

Anneewae, Happy Spring!

Qwot of the Dae: “The erlee berd getz the werm.” –Berd Proverb

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