Monday, March 8, 2010

Laydeez of all Sortz an Also Kitteez on ‘Nip

Musashi Sez:

Wull, this is a bizzee dae, an no mistayk! Mom sez that todae is Nashunul Feemaylz Dae an so we gotta be notissin folx lik Marlene Detrix an Elenr Rosevelt an Emily Dikinsn an Amelier Airhart, cuz they wuz all feemaylz whu did coolr thins than the gyz of their respective tims.

OK. All togethr: WOO HOO!!!

Now. Wift that don, I kin also turn yer attenshun to the problim of impyoor ‘Nip. Cuz it hav com to mai attenshun, throo channlz I am not at libertee to tell yu about, that som of that ther ‘Nip that is fillin yer kittee toyz migt be whatchucall Jenettiklee Modifyd. I’m still figgrin out whut that meen, but alreddee I noe it not gud. So yu gots to be payin attenshun to the layblz!

Also, cuz I fergettid to giv yu a qwot yestrdae, I givs yu 2 qwots todae!

Qwot of the Yestrdae:
“If yu izn’t nys to the littul kitteez, me an Ceilin Cat isn’t goin to be nys to yu!” –Jesus, Gospel of St. Maurice*

Qwot of the Dae:
"Women an kittees will do as they pleez, an men an doggees shud relax an get yoozd to the ideer." -- Robert Heinlein.

*Yah, so it’s apokrupful an non-cononikul an stuff: whut els is noo? Yu got a problim wift that? Huh!

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