Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turnin It Round Agen

Musashi Sez:

Heer'z som mor of that innervyu. So far nobuddee has ben akskin me egstra qwestshunz, egsept about which Lympic sports I'd lik to try (the Reellee Short Jomp, the Mom's Tummee Slollum, an lik that). Nevr mind.

Pamelr: Let’s talk about your career. You have considered a very wide range of professions: football player, professor, dentist. What’s your latest career idea?

Musashi: Gosh. It’s alwaez so har to chooz. I ben thingkin about werkin in a Zoo or mebbe bein a movee critik or a poet.

I egspekt I’d be grayt as a payntr, lik that Jack Pollock gy. Yu noe: yu splash a few colrz of paynt on the canvas and then yu walks ovr it an sae it is “A Egspreshun of the Werkin Kittee’z Angst ovr Possibul Not Havin a Fens to Sing on by Next Spring.” An lik that.

But Mom sez that the kinda paynt he yooz kin be hard to get off the fur. So the whol thing reqwire mor thogt.

Whut do yu want to be wen yu growz up? Mai mom sez yu’d be a grayt Inglish perfessr, but yu don’t want to be botherd. I can’t be the onliest 1 to be ansrin the hard qwestshunz heer, yu noe.

Pamelr: What do you see yourself doing a year from now?

Musashi: O mai. Yu gots to remembember that a whol yeer from now, I’ll have lived 150% of the lif I’ve livd up to now. That's higerer maft!

So yu gots to think, whut if that wer me figgrin out mai lif wift thos algebra stuffs. Yu, Miz Pamelr, gots to asks yerself, “What doz I see maiself doin when I’m, like, 34?” An wen yu’v figgrd that out, yu com bak and talk to me.

Qwot of the Dae: “Workin! Alwaez workin!” --Renoir


Pamela said...

34? You mean 84?

Musashi said...

Mom sez wen yu ges a laydee'z ayj, yu gots to tayk off at leest 3 yeers. So I did.

Pamela said...

You are a gentleman, M.