Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cupcayks an Othr Soopr Heeroz

Musashi Sez:

So. Yestrdae, mom an me desydid on this tytul fer the blog, an todae mai fren Pamelr sent us a link to a cool cupcayk site wher we findid som egsampls of ninja turtl cupcayks at: http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/2007/10/teenage-mutant-ninja-cupcakes-raphael.html

Mom sed, “Ick, they luks lik heds, lik wift Henry Eighth.”

An I sed, “Whu he?”

An she sez, “Rememember las spring, wen I wuz taykin that class about the Protestant Refermayshun? Yu sleept on mai buks. Ther wuz Henry an Lizlbet an Loothr an Calvin…”

“O. The class about wen the church got brokt. An all them hoomin peeples wuz figtin about how to fix it.”


“Whut that got to do wift ninja turtles?”

“Nevr mind…”

Huh. Aneewae, the piktchrz has givd her som ideers about how to do mai birftdae cupcayks. Also, she findid littul napkinz (jus cupcayk siz) wift mai buddee Raphael Ninja Turtl on them. Hooray!

Now all we gots to do is figgr wen to hav the partee. Las yeer we hadsd it on a dae that wuzn’t egsaktlee Feboorraree 8, like the Qween of Inglund (Lizlebet Joonyor), whu hav 2 birftdaez, the reel 1 and the fishul 1. I bet that happind durin the Inglish Empyr, wen it wuz reellee hard to get folks frum all over the werld togethr, cuz they din’t hav emayl—or eevn telerphonz!!!

That mus hav mayd it hard to plan the parteez!

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