Monday, February 15, 2010

Lympics, Ninjas an Mom'z Inflooens...So Mutch!

Musashi Sez:

Sorree fer the delay. I wuz lernin about the Lympics they’r havin ovr in Canada (tho I liks canatoonr bettr—hrnf, hrnf, hrnf!). Ahem. I ben hearin all about them athleet-typs whu leep! an jump! an lik that, an then they givs them medals. I has onlee gotten medals fer gettin shots brayvlee. So far, aneewae… Hmmm... This reqwyr thogt. Meenwhil, yu kin reed mor of the egsytin innervyu wift ME!

Pamelr: Why is Raphael your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Musashi: He wayr a red bananda, lik mai collr, that is also red. He also figt wift sai an they ar lik clawz. I thingk it’s cool that he is naymd fer a Arc-Angel (an that’s lik a Feeld Marshl fer Ceiling Cat) whu also hadsd a hobbee, payntin piktchurz fer a whil. Mom sez leedr-typs shud be well rounded, an not jus by eetin.

Pamelr: In what ways has Mom Sue been an influence on your life?

Musashi: Huh. That’s a hard 1. She has definitlee togt me lotsa stuff about writin lik how yu has to writ in drafts. I thingk that’s why whe alwaez wayrz anothr swettr, cuz drafts ar chilly. I jenrullee sit in mai kittee-bed or on her blankit to com up wift mai writabl ideers, an that keeps me from gettin chillee.

Also, she encuridj me to dans, an to chuw on mai tooftbrush (fer gud dentl hyjeen), an to pae attenshun whil she cook, so I kin becom a liberaytid gy, an also not get stept on so mutch.

An, laslee, Mom has tried to get me to considr whut Ceiling Cat wud do—yu noe, wen I has to mayk desizhunz. This is why mai mayn motto is, “Wen in dout, pouns!”


Pamela said...

Another question, Musashi: if you entered the Olympics for a winter OR summer sport, what would it be? (No, sleeping and eating tuna are not Olympic sports. But then again, if they made beach volleyball an official Olympic sport, can these be far behind?)

Musashi said...

The short jump, the coutch jump, the Mom jump. An that bi-ath-o-lon also luk innerestin, but mom say no.