Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mor Qwestshunz an Ansrz

Musashi Sez:

So befor, I started ansrin qwestshunz from mai frend Pamelr, but I wuz so egsytid about mai birftdae that I fergottid to tell yu whu she is! I wuz a bozo, but I’m okay todae.

Pamelr is a Innernashunl Skolar, whu werk in Merika, studying writrz from Inglund so she kin gets her Doctor paper from this fansee skool in Souft Afrika, wher all the Perfessrs she werk wift got cool furrin aksents, cuz they’r from ovr ther, not heer.

She sez: “I am a friend of Musashi and of his Mom Sue. I work with Mom Sue at MIT, where, like her, I try to get those engineers and scientists to write well. I am doing my own writing too: a dissertation on Percy Shelley, who was a Romantic poet, husband of Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein. I am no expert on interviewing humans or kitties: I just enjoyed taking the opportunity to get Musashi to reflect on the occasion of his second birthday.”

OK. So heer som mor qwestshuns an ansrz.

Pamelr: You have seen birds, squirrels, and hamsters, and probably know or have seen a few dogs: how do cats compare with these other animals?

Musashi: Yu aks veree innerestin qwestshunz. I has onlee seen doggez frum mai windosill, not up clos an persnl. But I tells yu whut I obzerv. Doggeez is jenrulee big an loud, and they leedz their hoomin peoples around on a string. Somtimz they eevn poops on the sidwalk, if yu kin imajin! As a rool, kitteez nevr does that, an also, we perfer our hoominz to be “off-leesh” so they kin lern inderpendins an loyltee an a gud sens of direkshun.

Birds also I jus see out windo. They don’t do much pounsin or leepin, an they don’t hang out wift hoomin peeples, on account of not havin a gud sens of hyoomr. (If yu don’t hav that, hoomin peeples is hard to hang out wift. Thankfullee, I’m egseptshunallee gifted in this area.) Birds moslee hang around being byooteeful, flyin an singin. Kitteez do this too, but not the flyin part.

Now them sqwurlz is mutch mor faskinaytin, cuz they leeps and pouns an zoom! up an down treez an bury stuff an dig stuff up. I thingk they livs veree egsytin livs. I wud lik to tayk sqwurl lessins somdae to add to mai ninja skillz. I cud problee teetch maiself the “up tree” skillz, but “down tree” skillz luks wae mor compulkaytid.

I hasn’t desydid whut I thingks about hamstrz yet. I am definitlee pro-elefunts, howevr.

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Pamela said...

I am pro-elefunt too.