Friday, February 5, 2010

A Blog Abot Persepshun

Musashi Sez:

So theez daes Mom is all about “reflekshun” an lik that. Parently, this com from her goin to skool fer thee-olo-jee, which is Lattin or Greek fer thingkin Ceilin Cat thogts. She com hom an do that Winnie the Pooh “thingk, thingk, thingk” thin. Huh. Lik I can’t do that too. I doz it mos resentlee in mai old acqwa catbed. This not the grey one on the windosill. It’s the one on the ottrman. It has a diffrint aurer, which is lik enerjee.

I ben thingkin abot how diffrint peeples seez us diffrintlee, dependin on their point of vue. Fer egsampl, I shoz yu piktchrz that ar lik how the folks I liv wift see me.

Ferst, we shows yu how mai mom see me. Wull, she’s a mom, an I can’t do nothing abot that. Second, we showz how mai noo fren Carlos see me. He nevr see me comin, so he thingk I is evrwher at once. (Which I am, of cors, bein one of them Shroedr kitteez, lik in fhyziks.) Then, we hav how Karlee see me, speshlee sins she brogt her pet hampstr Gyro bak wift her. I is alwaez wantin to luk at Gyro, but that not meen I be tryin to eets her. I prefers toona, paws down!

Yu kin se how diffrint they are. Whut this meen is nobuddee sees yu compleet lik.

Now heer'z the gud noos (if yu’r me, which yu aren’t, unforchoonitlee fer yu). Yu will gets to find out how I sees me wen my fren Pamelr (whu I told yu halpt me find teenayj myootint ninja turtul piktchurz) innervyooz me.

Oh boy! Ther ar so mutch fun in stor fer yu!!!

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