Monday, February 8, 2010

Mai Soopr Triffik Birftdae Blog!

Musashi Sez:

I am 2 yeerz ol todae. I am verree big fer mai siz. Also, I am fleet of fut, speshlee wen I chaysiz yu. So I invits yu to sing the song wift me. (la, la, la--ahem) GO!

Happee Birftdae to Meeeeee!
Happee Birftdae to Meeeeee!
Happee Birtdae, Mushashi, Ninja Kitteeeee!
Happee Birftdae to Meeeeee!

Veree gud. Now yu kin reed the 1st qwestshunz from mai frend Pamelr, whu is innervyuin me this week.

Pamelr: How are you a different kitty than the itty, bitty one-year old kitty you were a year ago?

Musashi: Wull, I’m biggrer an fluffyer, fer a start, an mor smarteepantz from nappin on Mom’z books. Sins I’m biggrer, I dozn’t defy grabitee so eezee aneemor, so I has hads to lern whut Mom call “tecneek.” But tecneek not the saym as tecnolojee: I dozn’t need battereez, egsept in mai layzr poyntr, wen the pertee red ligt gets small an hard to see.

Mai altr-eego, Octavian, is a werld travlr, so I lerns stuff lik jeogrufee an politiks from him, second-paw.

Also, I has lernd to nap on the bak of Mom’s big ol armchair wen she’z reedin ther. That tayks praktis, cuz of the “balance” problim.

Pamelr: What’s the most important thing you have learned in life so far?

Musashi: Mom alwaez com hom eventchoolee, eevn wen she goz to far-off playsiz lik Pittsberg or Connetikit. An wen she’z gon, she alwaez mayk shur mai frenz com an feed an plae wift me, cuz of that annoyin thum-an-can-opnr problim, an also suddin attaks of the lonleez.

Musashi adds:

That's it fer now, but if Pamelr hav "follo-me" qwestshunz, or if anee of yu in Blog Land gotz qwestshunz, I ansr them fer yu.

PS: Remynd me to tell yu bout the toy I gotsd fer mai birftdae! (The one wher I turnd 2!)

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