Monday, February 1, 2010

I Cud Be Ninja Turtl Too

Musashi Sez:

So I bet yu’r thingkin, why did Musashi innerdoos me to that Ninja fellr las tim? Whut that got to do wift a kittee’z lif? I kin ansr that. It akshullee go bak to my birftdae partee that is comin up. See, mom aksd me whut kinda theem I wantid fer my partee, an then she hads to egsplayn the werd “theem,” cuz it’s a noo one fer me. But wuns I got my considrubul brayns wrapt around it, I sed, “How about ninjas lik me?”

I sez this cuz my noo fren Carlos is alwaes callin me a ninja, moslee cuz I am fasterer than him wen it comez to me jumpin on him an him jumpin awae. I hidz and p0wnz his toez. An somtimz I hid on his dark bloo blankit an he not see me.

So mom sed, “Reglar meen ninjas? Or helpful ninja turtul ninjas?”

And that’s how I lernd about Raphael an the othrs. So mom is tryin to figgr out how to git a ninja turtul on a cupcayk. But it’s ok. I has grayt fayth in her abilitee to perdoos the noms, a skill she gotst frum her mom, my Granma.


Pamela said...

Perdoos the noms! Yeah!

Musashi said...

Yah, that one of mai betterer pfrayzinz! Also, yer emayl wuz veree yoosful! Thx!