Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Crayzees. Or: Runnin! Evrwher! Verree Fast!

Musashi Sez:

I wuzn’t goin to wryt about the crayzees, but mom sez they’r akshul verree commin, an that mos kittees has the crayzees somtim. Mos has them evr dae. Parentlee, kittees is noen fer havin the crazees, speshullee in the morning an eevnin. Doggees has them too, of cors, but they spreds them out thru the day, so that if yu don’t mind the slobbr, yu migt akshul not notis. Wift kittees, yu notis. O yes.

Now yu gots to pae attenshun, cuz ther’s goin to be fhyziks.

Boft doggees and kittees nap a lot, to get the enerjee fer jumpin on stuff. But doggees has tails that ar alwaes waggin. If they sees yu, they wag. If they eet dinnr, they wag. If they walk down the street, they wag. All that waggin uses up enerjee that they got from all that nappin.

But kittees don’t wag, partly cuz we got pryd and partly cuz we’r lazee. (Is tru. Ask anyboddy.) So all that enerjee that we get from the nappin bilds up in our mussls, sqwishin together, mor an mor enerjee sqwishin tigtr and tigtr, until we hits what Nookleer Fhyzisists call CRITICAL MASS.

Then we goes BOING! ! ! lik a spring. An then we’r runnin! Verree fast! Evrwher!

Hoomin peeples calls this the crayzees, but akshul, is jus fhyziks.

Mom Sez:

The cartoon is Patrick McDonnell's brilliant cartoon Mutts. The man sure knows cats (and also dogs, deer, bears, squirrels, small children). Check him out at

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