Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mai Thingkin Bed

Musashi sez:

I ben notissin thins about mai toys laytlee an I wuz wondrin if othr folks has notissd simlar thins.

Fer instins, I gets all of them all ovr the livin room flor at nigt an when I gets up the nex mornin, not evree tim but lotsa tims, they ar all up on the otterman together. Now I noe that Viktr an Pelikan kin walk an even jump!, but they’r not gud at carryin thins, an the balls kan’t jump, so how they get up ther?

An another thin. When I’m alon, Viktr an Pelikan an Charlee the Crunchee Dog don’t do mutch. They jus lie on the flor unless I mayks them get eksersize. But when mom’s aroun, they run aroun an kik balls to me an hyd unner a big peece of paypr an do all kinds of stuff. Is verree stranje. Eevn Jinjerbred, whu look lik a cookee, somtims he jumps! on mai nek lik he’s ridin a hors. But I am not hors. Huh. Still, he onlee does that when mom’s aroun.

This kind of problimatikul thin is why it’s gud to hav a extra bed. Not lik yer mom or dad’s bed, wift all the blankits, just a fuzzee roun thin yu kin climb into when yu gots to nap or thingk. I got 2: 1 fer nappin (it’s on the otterman) and 1 fer watchin hoomin peeples out the windo an thingkin. It hasn’t ben snowin laytlee, so no hoomin peeples hav ben shovullin. So I got plentee of tim to thingk about stuff lik this.

I tell yu whut I thingkd.

I thingk that when mai mom is aroun mai toys, they do stuff cuz of her Infekshus Inthooziazm.

See, if yu sits in a thingkin bed long enugf, yu kin get som prettee big wurds to use fer solooshuns to yer problims. That mayks the problims skayrd an they run away.

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