Thursday, February 26, 2009

James Dean an Me: The Cool Fakter

Musashi Sez:

James Dean wuz this reelly cool humin guy. He was a moovee star. He had a motursaikul. That's a big thin on 2 wheels that yu ride around on, an peeples thingks yer cool. I don't hav one. I only has mai feets, an they are prettee speshul, cuz I can do thins lik bouns off the side of the otterman an mom sez motursaikuls mosly can't do that. Also, he smoked, an everboddy noes now that's bad fer yu. I don't smoke. I'm a helthy kitty. He had to wear blak a lot fer peeples to think he was cool. I wear blak all the tim. So I must be eevn cooler, cuz I never has to chanje. So he only gits 1 star. But we got to gives him somthin, cuz it's not his fault he wasn't a kittee.

Mom Explains:

I don't know what I could possibly add to this.


Wordplayer said...
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Wordplayer said...

Hey Musashi:

You don't smoke but you snort catnip, no?