Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mai Ferst Morel Dallemmer

Musashi Sez:

Wen I startd this blog, I figgerd it’d be eezy, jus talkin abowt fun thins lik pownsin and chasin thins. La la la. Lik that. But now somthin’s happnd that is hard to figger, an cuz so many of yu reeders are littul kittees whu needs morel gydens, I figger I shud spell abowt it heer, not jus in mai hed.

So, see, today is the Sooper Bowl. This is wher 22 guys junp on eetch other’s bowlz of crunchee chow. Whu-evr gets the mos guys on the othr teem’s bowl, wins, an they gets to waer these big gold rings. Is stranje.

So heer’s my problem. This yeer’s teems is the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS an the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. Now mai mom haz alwayz liked the cardnuls, an she haz frends from Saynt Louees. But mai onkel Me2 is frum Pittsburg, an he’s fer shur a STEELERS fan. I eevn lernd how to cheer fer them. Yu sez: “Gooo! Shtellerrz!!!” Like that. So I’m havin trubbul figgerin owt whu to cheer fer.

Mom Explains:

As I just told Musashi, a very long time ago, I had a similar moral dilemma. I was probably about five, not so very different from Musashi’s age now, relatively speaking. I was at a summer day-camp and when I got to lunch one day, they said that one of the counselors had made brownies for everybody. But it turned out that I had brownies in my lunch bag, that my mother had made, and she didn’t make brownies often, being superstitious, since often when she made brownies in those days, something bad happened. (Don’t even ask.) Anyway, I was stumped and troubled. Whose brownies should I eat????

Musashi continyoos:

Well, I diskust it with mom, whu had somthin lik this happn yeers an yeers ago. She sed the bestest thin to do wud be to COMPROMISE, an that meens makin almos evrbuddy almos happy. It seems reesonobble. So. Heer’s what I desideded.

I’m goin to root fer the Minnie-Soda Vikins an the Caroliner Panthers. Mosly cuz I liks ther helmut-pikchurs. Huh.

Mom concludes:

Yes, that sounds right. I ate the brownies, both of them. But I ate my mom’s first. You have to have your priorities straight.

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Me, Too sez:

Tha Steel Curtin iz moor fun when sumwon's standign beehynde it so u kin chayse ther tows.