Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mai Ferst Birftdae Evr

Musashi Sez:

Mom sez I am goin to be ONE YEAR OLD todae! This is a big, speshul lanmark. Not jus evrbuddy gets to be one yeer old. An som folks eventchoolly get so old they don’t evn rememember bein one. So she sez we gots to comememorate the day. She sez there will be humin peeples who loves me comin an she’s goin to giv me a present! ! !

So I sez, O-KAY!

But she also sez that we’r goin to hav the partee laytr, cuz she’s been havin a cold an so hav som of mai frends. So she sez we’r goin to do it lik the Qween of Ingland, whu has 2 birftdaes evr yeer, the akshul one an the offishul one. So todae is mai Akshul Birftdae. So I told mom she cud use mai blog totell yu som importint stuff abowt how I got heer an why yu shud noe.

Mom Explains:

I am forever grateful for two cats, who came from two different shelters. MeToo Yanchak came from a shelter in Pittsburgh, PA and lived with me from September 2006 to June 2008. He made me realize what I had missed from not living with a cat full time for most of my life, and inspired me to adopt a shelter cat after he was gone. Musashi was rescued by the good folks at Angell Memorial/MSPCA in Jamaica Plain, MA, to whom I am forever grateful also.

Musashi Sez:

We tell yu mor abowt them laytr. Rigt now yu gots to sing along wift us, an sing reelly LOWD lik yu was singin from a fens. Okay, GO!!!

Happy Birftdae to Meee!
Happy Birftdae to Meeeee!
Happy Birftdae to Meeeeeee!
Happy Birftdae to Musashi, migty hunter of mousees!
Happy Birftdae to Meeee!

An many morrrrrrr!

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