Monday, February 9, 2009

Reskyuing Animals Every Day: Yes Yu Can!

Musashi Sez:

Mos evry nit, I reminds mom to go to “the animal rescue site dot com” to rescue animals (an yu has to spell the “the” too, go figger). Yu kin do it evry day. Yu clicks the purpul button an the advertisers gives them money. Then hoomin peeples find animals who are losted, like I was, an they bring them somwhere safe an feed them an giv them blankits an litter an evn som toys. An mom sez they help fix them too, an I suppose som gits broken when ther away from hom. Mom sez, “Um, yes, dir, jus lik that. By the way, yer ballz is under the couch agin.”

But anyway, the other thing abowt the site is yu kin buy stuff fer yer kitties, an even doggees if yu reelly has to, an for yerself an yer hoomin frens. An they giv fud to these losted kittees an doggees. An they help wift fixing kittees and doggees even in far away places like Texas an India. I gives this site four stars.

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Wordplayer said...

Thanks, Musashi! Now I know and will go to the site right now.