Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Attempt at Cookin

Musashi Sez:

Wull, so on Fridae, I was thinkin about how Mom alwaes come home tired an she cooks her fuds, wift the saighin and gruntin, which I figger means, “Why not the fud cook itself fer Me? Huh!”

So I disiderayted to cook fer her. But that not go so gud. See, I not tall enugf to see into the pantree shalf wift her stuffs. An I not allowed to yooz the Stov, cuz it gots too much hots fer a littul gy lik me!!! An the toster oven livs on top of the erfidgiator, wher I kin not reaches it.

So this leevs me wift the nookleaytor/microwayv thin, which has a easy dial that I figger I kin werk, an also, cookin wift it nevr tayk more than one or two minits.

But then I has to figger out what I cooks wift it. An all Mom has got that I kin retch is in the vegetabbul basket. An it onlee got onions (which I am not allowed to tutch, cuz they is BAD fer kitteez!!!) an whit an orinje pertaytoes. But Mom alwaes peels pertaytoes wift the funnee peeler masheen which reqwire posabul thumz, which I has not got.

So I figgered, mebbe it wud be betterer if I jus do a extra amount of purrin wen Mom akshully cook fer herself, an mebbe the purrin will mak her feel like it not taykin quit so long.

Darn them thumz aneewae.

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